This website was once just a food blog, and now it’ll be part food blog, part portfolio.

I’m a journalism grad student at Emerson College, with a focus in radio and podcasts. I’m the newsperson at 88.9 WERS on Thursday mornings (from 6 to 9am!), and I sometimes produce podcasts for their public affairs show, You are Here.

Last year, I was lucky enough to be the food and drink columnist at CBC Montreal Daybreak, which means that every other week, I was on the radio at 7:40am chatting with Mike Finnerty about great things to eat and drink.

I grew up in Toronto, moved to Montreal to attend McGill University, spent my whole third year of university in Barcelona, and then returned to Montreal to finish school and work for two years after graduating.

Now, I’m nearing the end of my journalism graduate degree. I’ll be working at the Somerville Media Center as their radio and podcasts intern this summer, and then looking for opportunities in Boston where I can produce stories about social justice, art and culture, public affairs, and of course, food.

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