Chew on This

If we’ve never met, hi! I’m Dahlia. I’ve been aggressively into food since I was two years old, standing on a chair “helping” my mom with dinner, and here we are, 22 years later.

Food has always been everything to me. I plan every trip I go on around where I’ll eat. For every city I’ve lived in, I’ve kept a long list of every food place I’d like to return to. Every morning I think about what I get to eat today, and every night I plan the food that tomorrow will bring. I love how food can connect people and shape whole relationships and experiences. I’ve worked in half a dozen restaurant kitchens, and becoming a chef was my life plan until about two years ago. I’ll get into that whole crisis some other time.

I’ve written about food on The Main Montreal, Eater MontrealGraphite Publications, Leacocks, Honeypot Magazine, and my Notes app, and I knew that one day the time would come for me to take the plunge and just start my own blog. I’ve toyed with the idea for years, often getting discouraged by spending time on Pinterest (and seeing the ZILLION blogs that already exist) or thinking about how much work it’ll be, but I’m feeling good about it right now.

I don’t think I’ll be able to stick to one type of blog. I’ll be including recipes, rants, restaurant lists and reviews, city guides, and probably anything else that I feel like writing down. I’m Mexican-Jewish-Canadian and I love Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Spanish cuisines as much as my own cultures’ food- so there’s gonna be a whole bunch of different kinds of things to eat.

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This is exciting!

Thanks for reading!