Boston’s Best Bets

I’ve lived in Boston for two and a half years now, and while it’s a weird place — and let’s face it, America is a kind of a hellscape sometimes — there’s really, really excellent food here. You definitely have to know where to look for it (because the unreasonably high cost of rent andContinue reading “Boston’s Best Bets”

Dahlia’s Montreal Restaurants List

Alternate titles: My Magnum Opus, How to Ingest Montreal’s Best For six years, I’ve kept this list tucked away on my phone, expanding it all the time and consulting it regularly when anyone asked me for a restaurant recommendation. It’s a little different to most Best of Montreal lists because I won’t include restaurants that I haven’t been to, andContinue reading “Dahlia’s Montreal Restaurants List”

Au Pied de Cochon, a Montreal Food-Lover’s Rite of Passage

Last month, I went to Au Pied de Cochon with three of my friends. It was a foodie pilgrimage that was a long time coming- my wonderful friend Zoë and I had been talking about going ever since we were in Rez in 2011. We had a carefully-crafted plan that involved going in a group,Continue reading “Au Pied de Cochon, a Montreal Food-Lover’s Rite of Passage”

Le Bremner: Unforgettably Delicious, Unbelievably Fun

When an opportunity to meet and hang out with Chuck Hughes falls in to your lap, you take it. When you mention that you’ve been dying to go to one of his restaurants, and he says “come by Le Bremner some time, don’t worry about it!” YOU GO. At Le Bremner yesterday evening, I spent over twoContinue reading “Le Bremner: Unforgettably Delicious, Unbelievably Fun”

October’s Most Notable Eats

What a month! I’ll get right into it. I told you I was busy! Oct 5: Mongolian Hot Pot for a friend’s birthday. I’d been meaning to try this place for years, and it did not disappoint. As soon as I entered, the smell of the steam from dozens of tableside broth pots smacked me right in theContinue reading “October’s Most Notable Eats”

Barcelona Bar Espresso: An Interview

Barcelona Bar Espresso opened in late July, and if you live in the Plateau, you’ve definitely noticed it. It’s bright red on the outside, warm and inviting on the inside, and, most excitingly for me, it’s Barcelona-themed. Hoo boy, do I ever LOVE Barcelona. I’m in the middle of a super-long, very cheesy post aboutContinue reading “Barcelona Bar Espresso: An Interview”

Apps & Oysters: Bivalves on a Budget

I love oysters. Briny, salty, a little weird, and distinctly oceanic, they’re one of my favourite foods in the world. They do carry a certain amount of elegance, which makes sense because as you throw back these beautiful bivalves, you’re basically swallowing $1-4 at a time. It’s so worth it, though! SO worth it. Splitting a dozen (or two…)Continue reading “Apps & Oysters: Bivalves on a Budget”

Self-Care Special: Cafe Bombón and Tostones

Taking care of yourself is important, and as I’ve learned in the past year, it’s not always easy when you’re also trying to be a functioning adult with paid bills and semi-clean laundry. It’s also not easy to keep your head above water with the barrage of horrible news that bombards us every day (police brutality, inequality, hateContinue reading “Self-Care Special: Cafe Bombón and Tostones”

5 à Ceviche at Mochica

****For those outside Montreal, 5 à 7 (cinq à sept) is the city’s name for Happy Hour, so my silly title is actually a stellar pun!! (?????)**** A few weeks ago, I got my first paycheque from my new job. Weeks of data entry and research assistantship were finally reflected in my bank account! To celebrate,Continue reading “5 à Ceviche at Mochica”

This Week’s Food Roundup: Hand-Pulled Noodles, Mujaddara, Chicken Tikka, Snickerdoodles, y Mucho Mas!

Summer in Montreal is the Best Thing Ever (ask anyone, they’ll tell you). Barbecues, days in the park, going dancing, camping, hiking, swimming, 5 á 7-ing – it’s undoubtedly the most fun time of the year. We hibernate all (8 months of) winter, watching a lot of movies and TV, going out less, and shivering underContinue reading “This Week’s Food Roundup: Hand-Pulled Noodles, Mujaddara, Chicken Tikka, Snickerdoodles, y Mucho Mas!”