What’s on the Menu This Week?

As I've previously mentioned, at length and with feeling, I love meal planning. It's saved me more money than I can even fathom, and it's how I can control how healthy (or unhealthy) I'll be eating from one week to another. I plan for every dinner to be a double batch, so that lunch is already... Continue Reading →

Empty-Fridge Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love lazy days. They're not actually particularly easy to come by these days, as the realization that I'm leaving Montreal has started to set in, and along with it, shpilkes (look it up- it's my favourite Yiddish word) have started presenting themselves, pushing me to want to constantly be doing things that I know I'll... Continue Reading →

How to Throw a Lasagna Party

Lasagna is one of my favourite foods to cook and to eat. When lasagna, this cheesy, bubbling rectangle of glory, emerges from the oven, you just know that it's a special day. You can either eat a huge portion yourself and then freeze the rest in squares, ready to be reheated for breakfast, lunch, or dinner- or... Continue Reading →

40+ Healthyish Meal Ideas

  As I've mentioned before, even for someone who loves to cook, it's not easy to actually get in the habit of cooking for yourself every day. Planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking all take plenty of time, but I swear it's a habit that's worth developing. The reasons for this are threefold: 1. You'll save so much... Continue Reading →

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