What’s on the Menu This Week?

As I’ve previously mentioned, at length and with feeling, I love meal planning. It’s saved me more money than I can even fathom, and it’s how I can control how healthy (or unhealthy) I’ll be eating from one week to another. I plan for every dinner to be a double batch, so that lunch is already made for tomorrow- and I portion out the lunch amount … Continue reading What’s on the Menu This Week?

Chuck Hughes and Tomato Pie, a 10/10 Afternoon

Friday was a little bit surreal. I left work early, went home and made a quick omelette, and then ran to the metro. I took the Orange Line from Sherbrooke all the way up to Montmorency, and then hopped onto the bus that Google Maps had told me to hop onto. I spoke with the bus driver in my mediocre French and asked if his route … Continue reading Chuck Hughes and Tomato Pie, a 10/10 Afternoon

Guest Post: The Joy of (not) Cooking and Baking Instead

My dear friend Julianna is the best baker I know, and she’s as generous as she is talented. Every baked good she makes gets devoured in minutes, equally because it’s so delicious and because of how many friends she’s always sharing with. Pumpkin brownies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, pies, cakes, brownies, banana chocolate chip muffins- everything she bakes is a home run (by the … Continue reading Guest Post: The Joy of (not) Cooking and Baking Instead

October’s Most Notable Eats

What a month! I’ll get right into it. I told you I was busy! Oct 5: Mongolian Hot Pot for a friend’s birthday. I’d been meaning to try this place for years, and it did not disappoint. As soon as I entered, the smell of the steam from dozens of tableside broth pots smacked me right in the face. Our group had three different hot pots, and we … Continue reading October’s Most Notable Eats

Julia Child

All hail Julia Child. I’m not a spiritual person, but Julia is pretty much my deity, my light, and my lord and saviour. I’ve watched many episodes of her TV shows and pored through her books. She’s the grandmother of food TV who paved the way for five decades of programs that have showed the world that anyone can learn to cook. (n.b. please don’t blame her … Continue reading Julia Child

Meal Planning Tips from a Reformed Lunch Sinner (with gifs)

Two years ago, I was 20, nearing the end of my Undergraduate degree. I was living with my wonderful friend Carla right off of Duluth, and my group of friends had recently discovered that we can potluck at a pretty outstanding level. We were taking advantage of this communal way of eating as often as possible, but that mostly covered up to one dinner per … Continue reading Meal Planning Tips from a Reformed Lunch Sinner (with gifs)