Snack Judgment


I wanted to tell my lovely Chew on This readers about my latest project! It’s where I’m focusing most of my energy these days, but don’t worry- Chew on This isn’t going anywhere. I’ll still be updating my Best Of lists and adding recipes every once in a while.

My new project is called Snack Judgment. It’s a food podcast! Every week, I chat with a friend of mine about a food topic that they’re passionate about. There’s no topic too broad or too specific. I think that everyone, whether or not they feel like a food person, has a food story or idea that’s worth talking about.


(If you’ve never listened to a podcast in your life, you can start here, where I explain what it is and how to listen!)

You can subscribe in iTunes, follow on Spotify or any podcast app of your choosing, or you can stream it online on our hosting site.

Please follow the show on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook!

If you enjoy the podcast, a rating or review on iTunes is SUPER helpful and will make it so that more people find the show.

Thanks for listening!!!

Update on June 17, 2019: SJ is currently on hiatus as I adjust to my newish full-time job producing a podcast and writing blog posts for Toast, a restaurant software and hardware company. Here’s the link to the restaurant industry podcast I’m working on. 

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