Apps & Oysters: Bivalves on a Budget

I love oysters. Briny, salty, a little weird, and distinctly oceanic, they're one of my favourite foods in the world. They do carry a certain amount of elegance, which makes sense because as you throw back these beautiful bivalves, you're basically swallowing $1-4 at a time. It's so worth it, though! SO worth it. Splitting a dozen (or two...)... Continue Reading →

Penne alla Vodka Because You Deserve It

I don't really need to do much introduction for this recipe because it's so good that it speaks for itself. It's creamy, tomatoey, a little spicy, perfectly simple and very decadent. Just make it, please, ok? It's honestly better than what you can get at a restaurant for $20 and making it yourself will cost a fraction of the... Continue Reading →

Self-Care Special: Cafe Bombón and Tostones

Taking care of yourself is important, and as I've learned in the past year, it's not always easy when you're also trying to be a functioning adult with paid bills and semi-clean laundry. It's also not easy to keep your head above water with the barrage of horrible news that bombards us every day (police brutality, inequality, hate... Continue Reading →

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