Quick Post For A Quick Recipe

So, weekdays are hard. With work, Things To Do (like laundry, bank stuff, and other horribly adult things that apparently need to get done to ensure one’s survival), and the occasional social engagement, it’s nearly impossible to muster the energy to make a decent, healthy-ish, delicious dinner. The way that I’ve learned to combat the after-work exhaustion/delirium/repulsion from the stove is to do 2 to 3 hours … Continue reading Quick Post For A Quick Recipe

Wildly Delicious Camping Food

There are so many levels of camping food. You can go bare-bones adventurer with cans of beans, Alphaghetti (which I happen to love), hot dogs, marshmallows, and instant coffee. You also can go full-on glamping with a gas stove, steaks, salads, and lots of dishes to do. My favourite way to eat in the wild is to find a happy medium. With some shrewd planning, two … Continue reading Wildly Delicious Camping Food