5 à Ceviche at Mochica

****For those outside Montreal, 5 à 7 (cinq à sept) is the city's name for Happy Hour, so my silly title is actually a stellar pun!! (?????)**** A few weeks ago, I got my first paycheque from my new job. Weeks of data entry and research assistantship were finally reflected in my bank account! To celebrate,... Continue Reading →

Summer = Guacamole

In Montreal, we have a pretty abysmal produce situation for most of the year. Mealy, light-pink tomatoes (that I still eat because I love tomatoes so much, even though I know that as a food person I should stand tall in protest of mediocre, un-local veggies), rock-hard avocados at $4 apiece, and dry, tragic limes are... Continue Reading →

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