NYC: Here for the Food

For a week in April, Aaron and I went to stay in his relatives’ house in Marine Park, Brooklyn. In exchange for free accommodation, we took care of their tiny white curly dog named Charlie and ate all the Eggo waffles in their fridge (selflessly ridding them of their processed frozen junk food). Every day, we went into the city via bus and then the B or Q trains, which was usually around an hour’s journey each way.

We basically ate nonstop. Here’s the breakdown of what we ate, where, and with who. It was essentially a year’s worth of indulgence in one wonderful week, and it was absolutely worth the weeks of Healthier Food Choices that followed.

Day 1: Saturday- Williamsburg

  1. Pelmeni for breakfast (vacation!)
  2. The Best By-the-Slice Pizza Ever, Ever, EVER at Anna Maria Pizza (I was at a loss for words and that almost never happens)
  3. A choripan sandwich with chimichurri and a People’s Pops raspberry-lime popsicle at Smorgasburg (where we overheard a 30-something French woman explain to her parents that this type of open-air, aggressively hip pop-up food market was “euhh..trés typique de Williamzzburrrg)
  4. Totopos and salsa and mezcal margaritas at Vera Cruz
  5. Salad (because HEALTH)

Day 2: Sunday- Nolita, Soho, and Washington Square Park

  1. Leftover salad and Eggo waffles for breakfast
  2. Pizza at Prince St Pizza in Nolita, eaten in Sarah D. Roosevelt Park
  3. Cold brew coffee and a caramel cookie at Ground Support Coffee in Soho with Orly and Noa
  4. Seared salmon tataki, orecchiette with chicken sausage and cavatelli with rib ragú at The Smith Restaurant with Orly and Noa


Day 3: Monday- Chelsea Market & Coney Island

  1. Anniversary Lunch of gnocchi gratin with parmesan cream, pork sausage ravioli, truffle ravioli, and wine at the incredible Giovanni Rana Pastificio e Cucina (they were having a slow service day so they gave us extra wine on the house without prompting! Also I briefly chatted with our waiter in Spanish who was hilariously shit-talking all the other patrons because they were snobby assholes)
  2. A Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog after several kilometers of walking up and down the beach at Coney Island
  3. Pizza delivered from Knapp St. Pizza

Day 4: Tuesday- Brighton Beach & Upper West Side

  1. Cold leftover Knapp St Pizza pizza for breakfast
  2. Noodles, various fried and sauced chicken items, and salad at a Chinese buffet in the Russian neighbourhood of Brighton Beach with Aaron’s relatives Grisha and Fira (which was my first experience with the All-American Chinese Buffet that also has pizza and chicken nuggets. What a time to be alive!)
  3. Super-spicy peanut and ground pork salad, Thai meatballs and Siam Duck at Thai Market near Columbia with Elie
  4. Cereal Milk soft serve with cornflake crunch at Momofuku Milk Bar (where the literal geniuses at Milk Bar have discovered the key to the most wonderful, transcendental soft ice cream experience. From the bottom up, it goes ice cream, hidden secret surprise cornflake crunch, more ice cream, and then more cornflake crunch. I’ve never believed in a higher power but discovering that little hidden pocket of more cornflake crunch got me closer than I’ve ever been. He Heard My Cry For More Cornflake Crunch, And We Did Receive!)
  5. Incredible everything bagel with butter (no idea where we got it but I had to stop to pee and was forced to buy something to use the bathroom)


Day 5: Wednesday- Princeton, NJ

  1. Amazing snack platter of cheese, prosciutto, chocolate, coffee, sparkling wine, and tea at Aaron’s family friends Ira and Volodya’s place in Princeton
  2. Super-fresh seafood at The Blue Point Grill with Ira and Volodya (eighteen oysters, including our first outstanding Kumamoto oysters, huge-lump crab cakes, and grilled halibut with capers that tasted so fresh that you knew that fish had had evening plans before his day took a turn) (dark, I know)


Day 6: Thursday- Chinatown and Astoria

  1. Snack platter breakfast at Ira and Volodya’s
  2. Pork and shrimp wontons with spicy sauce, fried pork buns, boiled pork and chive dumplings, and ginger ale for a grand total of $12.50 at Vanessa’s Dumpling House  (thank you Grace for the recommendation to this truly magical establishment)
  3. Cocktails at Mussels n’ Sausage (actual real restaurant name) while waiting 1.5 hours for a table at Taverna Kyclades in Queens with Kim and Mike
  4. Taramosalata, perfectly cooked grilled octopus, greek salad, and oily, herby bread at Taverna Kyclades with Kim and Mike (which was 100% worth the wait)
  5. Gin and tonics at Diamond Dogs with Kim


Day 7: Friday- High Line, Chelsea Market, Greenwich Village

  1. Pizza (cheese slice and buffalo chicken slice) at Pizzeria Suprema
  2. Catch of the day chef’s choice nigiri platter at Chelsea Market (we got to sit at the counter in the seafood market and watch as each piece was sliced to order, brushed with different kinds of soy sauce, and put onto its wooden plank. Just WOW)
  3. Boquerones at Chelsea Market (first time I’d been able to find them outside of Barcelona)
  4. One Kumamoto oyster each at Chelsea Market
  5. Beers at The Bowery Tavern in Greenwich Village
  6. Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery
  7. Pizza at The Village Pizza (our last day was beautifully bookended by pizza, as all days should be, really)

Day 8: Saturday- Penn Station

  1. Everything bagels with butter and a black and white cookie while in line for our 11 hour train out of Penn Station
  2. McDonald’s at the Gare Centrale in Montreal

If you want to know more about any of the places we went to, let me know and I’ll give you a full description (possibly filled with hyperbole)!


One thought on “NYC: Here for the Food

  1. You were on such a roll until the MickyD’s… but we all do it sometimes. According to the interwebs, McDonald’s sells more than 75 hamburgers every second and feeds 68 million people a day. So, paraphrasing Jim Gaffigan, anyone who says they don’t eat McDonald’s is a damn fibber. (Wendy’s fries are better, though. That’s what other people have told me anyway… ’cause I don’t eat fast food…)

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