Eat in Boston

33 of my favourite restaurants and bars in Boston.

Eat in Montreal

43 of my favourite restaurants and bars in Montreal.

Eat in Barcelona

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Boston’s Best Bets

I’ve lived in Boston for two and a half years now, and while it’s a weird place — and let’s face it, America is a kind of a hellscape sometimes — there’s really, really excellent food here. You definitely have to know where to look for it (because the unreasonably high cost of rent andContinue reading “Boston’s Best Bets”

Snack Judgment

Hello! I wanted to tell my lovely Chew on This readers about my latest project! It’s where I’m focusing most of my energy these days, but don’t worry- Chew on This isn’t going anywhere. I’ll still be updating my Best Of lists and adding recipes every once in a while. My new project is calledContinue reading “Snack Judgment”


It was September 22, 2010 and I was sixteen. I was at Massey Hall in downtown Toronto with my mom and we were watching Anthony Bourdain give a talk. He ambled around the stage, holding thousands of pairs of eyes and ears at attention. In the question period at the end, someone in the audienceContinue reading “Tony”

South Street Diner, Boston’s Only 24/7 Restaurant

I made a fun radio story on WERS 88.9FM about South Street Diner, Boston’s only 24/7 restaurant! Thanks to Madison Rogers for doing the intro. Listen below, and remember to support your local diner because they’re special places!!      

Catching Up

Oof it’s been a WHILE! I moved to Boston, started journalism school, and I have two jobs, so I’ve been Very Busy. Things are generally great here so far- I really miss my friends and my family, but I’ve been very much in touch with everyone and I’m happy to see so many people IContinue reading “Catching Up”

Dahlia on Daybreak: The Holidays, Ceviche, Choripan, Charcuterie, and a Lightning Round

Hello readers/friends/listeners! As I explained last week, I recently received the clips from my last three segments on CBC Montreal Daybreak. The column I’ve got for you today was holiday-themed, so it’s coming to you a little late, but any time of year is a good time to learn about tangy and delicious dinner ideas like ceviche and choripan.Continue reading “Dahlia on Daybreak: The Holidays, Ceviche, Choripan, Charcuterie, and a Lightning Round”

Dahlia on Daybreak: Appetizers, Oysters, Chuck Hughes, and a Lightning Round

Hello friends! I finally got the recordings of my last few segments on CBC Radio Daybreak and I’m very excited to share them with you. This segment, from early November, was hosted by Ainslie MacLellan because Daybreak host Mike Finnerty was on vacation. We had a great time chatting about my afternoon with Chuck Hughes and aboutContinue reading “Dahlia on Daybreak: Appetizers, Oysters, Chuck Hughes, and a Lightning Round”

40+ Healthyish Meal Ideas

As I’ve mentioned before, even for someone who loves to cook, it’s not easy to actually get in the habit of cooking for yourself every day. Planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking all take plenty of time, but I swear it’s a habit that’s worth developing. The reasons for this are threefold: 1. You’ll save so much moneyContinue reading “40+ Healthyish Meal Ideas”

Hi Again + Dahlia on the Radio: Birthdays, Meal Planning, Cheese Boxes, and a Lightning Round

This is the huge charcuterie and cheese platter served as a warm-up for the literally enormous, nigh irresponsible amount of food we had at (Canadian!) thanksgiving last month. Hi, Chew on This friends!  I’ve been extremely MIA all through October because of things like birthdays, job changes, visitors, a weekend away, thanksgiving, and a Life Curveball orContinue reading “Hi Again + Dahlia on the Radio: Birthdays, Meal Planning, Cheese Boxes, and a Lightning Round”

Julia Child

All hail Julia Child. I’m not a spiritual person, but Julia is pretty much my deity, my light, and my lord and saviour. I’ve watched many episodes of her TV shows and pored through her books. She’s the grandmother of food TV who paved the way for five decades of programs that have showed the world thatContinue reading “Julia Child”

The Almighty Smashburger

This is a post about burgers. I love burgers. They’re one of the foods that hit me hardest with cravings. I deeply respect the Hefty, Thick Burger and its cousin, the Fancy Burger, but to be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of either of them. I don’t need an inch-thick patty or brieContinue reading “The Almighty Smashburger”


I have many strong feelings about brunch. I usually think that brunch should be exclusively a diner/greasy spoon affair, but the number-one brunch experience that exists on this very earth is made by Ericka Grawey, a close friend of mine. Her brunches are for friends only (for now- keep an eye out, I can see Ericka Brunches- or Ericka Events-Continue reading “ErickaBrunch”

Guest Post: What’s Food Without Friends?

We’ve shared so many meals together over five years that I know Grace’s food likes (dumplings, seltzer water, cheesy pasta, freezies, gummies, and rare steak) and dislikes (mushrooms) as well as my own at this point.

Quick Post For A Quick Recipe

So, weekdays are hard. With work, Things To Do (like laundry, bank stuff, and other horribly adult things that apparently need to get done to ensure one’s survival), and the occasional social engagement, it’s nearly impossible to muster the energy to make a decent, healthy-ish, delicious dinner. But here’s something you can make a big batch ofContinue reading “Quick Post For A Quick Recipe”

5 à Ceviche at Mochica

****For those outside Montreal, 5 à 7 (cinq à sept) is the city’s name for Happy Hour, so my silly title is actually a stellar pun!! (?????)**** A few weeks ago, I got my first paycheque from my new job. Weeks of data entry and research assistantship were finally reflected in my bank account! To celebrate,Continue reading “5 à Ceviche at Mochica”

Summer = Guacamole

In Montreal, we have a pretty abysmal produce situation for most of the year. Mealy, light-pink tomatoes (that I still eat because I love tomatoes so much, even though I know that as a food person I should stand tall in protest of mediocre, un-local veggies), rock-hard avocados at $4 apiece, and dry, tragic limes areContinue reading “Summer = Guacamole”

This Week’s Food Roundup: Hand-Pulled Noodles, Mujaddara, Chicken Tikka, Snickerdoodles, y Mucho Mas!

Summer in Montreal is the Best Thing Ever (ask anyone, they’ll tell you). Barbecues, days in the park, going dancing, camping, hiking, swimming, 5 á 7-ing – it’s undoubtedly the most fun time of the year. We hibernate all (8 months of) winter, watching a lot of movies and TV, going out less, and shivering underContinue reading “This Week’s Food Roundup: Hand-Pulled Noodles, Mujaddara, Chicken Tikka, Snickerdoodles, y Mucho Mas!”

The Rules of Eating in Montreal

Montreal, I will categorically say, is one of the best food cities in the world. Its fatal flaw is its disastrous lack of even halfway-decent by-the-slice pizza, but whatever else you may be craving, you can find it here and it’ll be gooood.

NYC: Here for the Food

We basically ate nonstop. Here’s the breakdown of what we ate, where, and with who. It was essentially a year’s worth of indulgence in one wonderful week.

What’s This?

I’ve been aggressively into food since I was a tiny diaper-butted 2-year-old standing on a chair “helping” my mom with dinner, and here we are, 20 years later.

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